It's the little things


Check your profiles: are you using language that's -perhaps unintentionally- stigamtizing or hurtful? Could you rephrase things to be more inclusive? Don't wait, change the language because language is important.
When someone sends you a message and you don't think they'll be a right fit, don't ghost them or insult them. When someone says something to you at a party or in a bar, you wouldn't just turn around without saying anything, so don't do it online either. The difference between not receiving a message and receiving a polite reply can be the difference someone needs to keep on exploring instead of staying in a closet.
There's no shame in telling someone "I don't think we'll be compatible, but good luck with your search." There is shame in telling someone "you're too old/fat/asian" "Only whites/slim/..." Mind your manners, be polite, and everyone will feel included.


Share your story. Seeing people with a fetish is what people who are still uncomfortable with their fetish or don't even know about their own fetish need to becoming their true selves. Wearing your kink in public, being yourself in public is the first step. Do it with pride, and others will follow.
Also share this message: use the hashtag #WeAreFetish with kink-related messages to show you want an inclusive community!

Speak up!

See someone being bullied? See people being rude to others for who they are, in life or online? Speak up! If you can't confront the perpetrators for reasons of your own safety, try to contact the victim. Make them feel respected by someone.

Put the hashtag #WeAreFetish on your profile if you commit to these three things. Make our community a better place. For everyone.